sketch #27

uploaded on 2015\03\11

Minimalism and piano work great together, therefore it's always a great idea to combine them.

sketch #26

uploaded on 2015\03\04

Since it's Spring already, that's a perfect moment for something fresh and optimistic in sound.

sketch #25

uploaded on 2015\02\25

More ethnic stuff, but now with sampling. Cause why the hell not?

sketch #24

uploaded on 2015\02\18

So, how about trying that neoclassical style of modern trendy composers this time?

sketch #23

uploaded on 2015\02\11

Oriental sound is a tricky matter to capture, which makes it even more interesting to explore.

sketch #22

uploaded on 2015\02\04

And now for something completely different!

sketch #21

uploaded on 2015\01\28

So, the 80bitsy arcade sound from the 90-ties, what can be better?

sketch #20

uploaded on 2015\01\21

What if a tune would evolve like a whirlpool or a chaotic carousel? We tried to answer this question.

sketch #19

uploaded on 2015\01\14

This time we explored atmospheric tension sound you can find in lots of modern games or movies.

sketch #18

uploaded on 2015\01\07

First tune of 2015, and the last to fit the second volume, which means it shall be out very soon.

sketch #17

uploaded on 2014\12\31

The tune to overview the whole year. Mostly sad, but still promising something good in future, let's hope it'll come true. Happy holidays, folks!

sketch #16

uploaded on 2014\12\24

On this Christmas Eve we decided to make something gloomy... Boooo hoo hoo! Did you behave this year?

sketch #15

uploaded on 2014\12\17

It's one of the primary objectives for artists to get out of their comfort zone. And that's what we did this time.

sketch #14

uploaded on 2014\12\10

Jazz these days doesn't sound as often as it deserves, don't you think? That's how we've tried to fix this.

sketch #13

uploaded on 2014\12\03

Medieval stuff has its own special kind of swag. Cause nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

sketch #12

uploaded on 2014\11\26

An interpretative sound mixture of some elements used by Hammock, The Echelon Effect and a bunch of other ambient bands.

sketch #11

uploaded on 2014\11\19

A new electronic tune with a scent of sorta indiegame'ish adventures and exploration.

sketch #10

uploaded on 2014\11\12

We've just released previous sketches as volume I, and here comes the opening theme for the second volume already.

sketch #9

uploaded on 2014\11\05

This sketch is an attempt of catching the atmosphere of an alien world, spacey and cold as it should be.

sketch #8

uploaded on 2014\10\29

A mixture of late medieval instruments and romantic classical music patterns.

sketch #7

uploaded on 2014\10\22

An effort to catch the atmosphere of the amazing series The Knick and its original soundtrack by Cliff Martinez.

sketch #6

uploaded on 2014\10\15

Sound exercise of combining typical platformer game OST pattern and chill synthetic melody.

sketch #5

uploaded on 2014\10\08

This time it was a try to reflect the autumnal feeling we've been exposed to during the first week of October.

sketch #4

uploaded on 2014\10\01

A study of how extreme and eclectic an electronic piece can get without a transformation into something Aphex Twin could probably write.

sketch #3

uploaded on 2014\09\24

Can you combine epicness, obscurity and the spirit of exploration in mainly electronic elements? That's what we tried to find out in this tune.

sketch #2

uploaded on 2014\09\17

A starting point of the electronic music exploration series we continued in following sketches.

sketch #1

uploaded on 2014\09\10

The first of them all: this track can be described as a hybrid of Ramona Falls and Beirut sound excluding vocals.


Volume I (sketches 1-9)


Volume II (sketches 10-18)


Volume III (sketches 19-27)

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